We’re open 10am-5pm today (Saturday)

and 10am-5pm tomorrow (Sunday)

Remember, we’re at 2242 Euclid Avenue, In Trinity Commons, beside Ten Thousand Villages.  Free parking in Trinity Commons lot on Prospect just east of E. 22nd.

then….  follow us on Facebook to see where we’ll pop up next, after a happy (long) break that includes a lot of Christmas cookies.


Our friend Diane took home this sweet cat hat made by Marge Diamond

We realize we’ve been unintentionally quiet on here. Sorry about that.  It’s because there is a happy and bustling roar of local economy & local art appreciation happening in the shop.  And it’s been distracting us from almost all things except shopkeeping.  That’s right. We are thrilled to report that Pop-Up Gift Shop is going really well!

That said, two announcements:

1) Tonight (Wed 12/15) is Amani Beading night at the store. We’re open all day anyhow, but the Amani action happens from 6:30-8:30 right here in the shop.  It will be fun!!  Make gifts, take gifts, or make jewelry as a donation to the amazing Amani beading cause (about which you can learn more in this great article, thanks to our PD friend Sarah Crump!)  Free, family-friendly, creativity-inspiring, mission-driven….a true “think globally, act locally” kind of evening.  Join us.

2) This is our last week.  It’s only week five for us so it’s hard to admit it is also the last, but alas, this is the nature of holiday pop-up themed shops!  We are open today (Wed. 12/15) through 8:30 pm, Thurs. & Friday (12/16 & 12/17) 10am-7pm, Sat & Sun (12/18-12/19) 10am-5pm. Get local handcrafted work while it’s hot, and it is, indeed, hot!


That’s right, we’re extending our hours and opening each week for a quick shift on Wednesday evenings.  Then we’ll open right back up on Thursdays at 10am until 7pm, Friday same, Sat & Sun until 5pm, same as before.

A "knitwit" handmade by Kris Barnes, smiling from a Pop-Up shelf near you.

PLUS –Fridays –BYO Craft. Bring your own craft to Pop-Up after work, kick it with other crafters and artists, share motivation, enjoy community, and take your mind off the dropped stitch in that scarf (precision is not what we do best here at Pop-Up Gift Shop).

See you Friday! (if you don’t have a craft, no fear, we’ll put you to work with a few of our own Pop-Up projects)

We are closed for the holiday on Thursday, Nov. 25 and Friday Nov. 26.  Originally we thought we would be open on Friday but it was our mistake to not realize all of Trinity Commons is closed that day and there’s not really a way for us to be open.  Please excuse this error and come visit us another time.  We’re open 10-5 this Saturday and Sunday, and during our regular hours the rest of the season (see them under “About” above)…. and coming soon we’re opening up some more times too.  Stay tuned and Happy Thanksgiving!

photo of a stack of newspaper gifts in window

Photo credit: Amy Roskilly of Roskilly Photography

Thursdays-Sundays, you’ll find our door open at 10am (except Thanksgiving Day).   Thursdays & Fridays, we close at 7pm, Saturdays & Sundays at 5pm.

Soon we’ll be posting some special events we have planned for the coming weeks.

But for now, we’ll let you know that our opening week was full of friendly faces, contagious enthusiasm and rewarding giggles —repeated by people of all ages as they saw and enjoyed creative reuse in our collection of art & gifts.   In case you haven’t made it in yet, let us paint you a picture of how fun it is inside Pop-Up Gift Shop.   We have a great selection of gifts from 32 local artists (all of our artists live and work in the Northeast Ohio region).  As our friend John says, “If you’re going to consume this holiday season, consume locally.  That way, everyone wins.”

We started to list out what gifts and art are available, but the list is delightfully long.  To see what kind of work we have by our local artists, check out the ‘artist info’ link above.  In the meantime, we’ll boast about the wide range of reused materials this gift shop brings together into a roomful of enthusiastic repurposing….

  • Bicycle parts, Buttons, Computer motherboards, Fabric (vintage, repurposed, felted, altered, etc), Driftwood and varnished branches, Imperfect Kazuri beads (turned into beautiful jewelry from which proceeds directly support care for orphaned babies in Kenya), Leftover wire, Vintage jewels, guitar pics, beach glass, leftover sugar packets, Scrap wood & old frames, Salvaged Styrofoam, Telephone wire, Telephone Books, Vinyl flooring samples, Wine bottles and glass, and more that we’re forgetting.

And a couple things in the shop we can’t help telling you more about…

  • Quirky stuffed animals made of spare fabric, old sweaters, friendly faces and a bit of a soul
  • Friendly-faced owl mobiles hand-cut from recycled cardstock
  • Newspaper and magazine roses bunched into long lasting bouquets
  • Vegan fudge, chocolate drizzled popcorn, chocolate covered pretzels
  • Hand-designed dateless planners (good for any year or any week) and hand bound notebooks filled with the blank sides of reused paper
  • Stainless steel water bottles promoting a ‘drink local, drink tap’
  • Soap and body lotions hand crafted with environmental practices in mind
  • Robots (Junkbots) made from unlikely spare parts, each lovingly named & tastefully framed
  • Quality baby blankets made from organic cotton, colorful hats, booties
  • Striking wall art mosaics crafted from hand-painted flooring samples
  • An excellent variety of scarves, design-your-own magnetic wall art, and the best selection of jewelry this side of the Atlantic, if we do say so ourselves.

Come in & see what we’re all about….  We’ll package your purchase in our functional & stylish bags we crafted ourselves from duct tape & expired fabrics that Cleveland Menu Company generously shared with us.    We just love reuse.  And we love sharing it with others even more.

Front door on Euclid

We're starting to pop-up!

Local Artists, check out our Call for Artists here!   

Everyone, check out this story re Nicole McGee (co-founder of Pop-Up Gift Shop) from this week’s Plain Dealer.  We also popped up in freshwatercleveland.com and coolcleveland.com and greencitybluelake.org.

Pop-Up Gift Shop is taking over a vacant retail storefront in Trinity Commons. Pop-Up Gift Shop will sell handmade, reasonably priced, whimsical, interesting gifts crafted with an emphasis on reuse from local artists.

Open every Thursday*-Sunday, November 18 thru December 19th

Store Hours: Thursdays*-Fridays 10am-7pm   &   Saturdays-Sundays 10am-5pm   *(closed on Thanksgiving)

Address:  2242 Euclid Avenue@Trinity Commons, Cleveland, OH 44115

Free Parking in Trinity Commons lot; need directions?

Who We Are

Local artists Trish Supples and Nicole McGee (PlentyUnderfoot.com) are teaming up to introduce Pop-Up Gift Shop in conjunction with Trinity Cathedral as a demonstration of Cleveland’s many amazing resources (local artists, reused materials, empty retail spaces, innovation and creativity as far as the eye can see!).   The idea was born out of an encounter between the artists and Dean Tracy Lind from Trinity Cathedral while they all attended this year’s Sustainability Summit: GlocalEngine. Both artists reuse materials in their own artwork and are excited to team up and promote locally-based and environmentally-minded gift giving. Pop-Up Gift Shop is being run in collaboration with CampusDistrict.org, Ten Thousand Villages and Visual Arts at Trinity.


Pop-Up Gift Shop is unique. We are focused on reuse and sustainability; we want to generate buzz and revenue but just as important, we want to generate fun and a sense of community.  The experience will include craft-making, community gatherings, and special events. Think: interaction, celebration, love for Cleveland, and holiday cheer.

Come to Trinity Commons and enjoy a hot cocoa or coffee at Cafe Ah-roma, browse the amazing fair-trade, international gifts that Ten Thousand Villages offers and then stop by Pop-Up Gifts and reaffirm why you heart Cleveland.